12th New Jersey Symposium on Biomaterials Science

The symposium, which is held every other year, unites researchers and industry members from different parts of the world to mutually benefit the population, said John Bushby, chief operating officer for the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials.

Once every other year, the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials at Rutgers University hosts the New Jersey Symposium on Biomaterials Science. This event, held in New Brunswick, New Jersey is a premier regional meeting that has gained global recognition for its broad scope, stimulating themes, and interdisciplinary attendance. The goal of the Symposium series is to exchange information and ideas across the full spectrum of scientists working in the biomaterials field, by focusing on research and development topics that represent the most current promising directions for ultimate medical application. Renowned researchers from academia, industry, government and the clinical arena present their research and findings at focused and topical sessions. This level of focus and detail has ensured that attendees will find value in their participation.

In 2014, the Eleventh Biennial Symposium explored the topic of bioactive materials through a lineup of talks encompassing the worlds of chemistry, biomedical engineering, molecular biology, immunology, pharmaceutical science, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The 2014 conference drew in over 250 participants, with over 30 speakers who are leaders in these fields.

Bioactive Scaffolds: From Synthetic Polymers to ECM and Decellularized Tissues
Heldrich Hotel, New Brunswick, NJ

Check out some comments from past attendees:

  • “Very nicely presented set of talks.  Good diversity, right level.  Lots of opportunities for interaction.”
  • “I learned a lot from the sessions I attended and was most impressed by what I heard and saw.    Keep up the great work!”
  • “Scientific debate made the program more interesting and very interactive.”
  • “I enjoyed the wide diversity of talks at the symposium and the very high level of expertise.”
  • “The talks and discussions were as advertised and therefore the time was well spent. Very much appreciated the translational emphasis.”
  • “Enjoyable experience, especially in comparison to large national meetings.  Best part of the meeting: the networking.  The time to talk was excellent.“

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