Functionalization of biodegradable polyesters- synthesis and reactivity

In recent years, biodegradable polyesters have seen an increase in a variety of different uses; anything from "green" beverage containers to medical therapeutics.  The Center is, quite obviously, focusing on the latter.

One of the current studies is attempting to functionalize biodegradable polyesters in order to allow for the control of biological responses at the interface of the biomaterial.  Using polyesters containing amine groups, reactivity was seen with four specific molecules undergoing "click chemistry". 

Click chemistry generates substances by joining smaller units together in a quick and reliable fashion.  This is particularly good news for biomaterials as click chemistry also reflects a more "natural" style of macro-generation, rather than undergoing a single chemical reaction.  The work done at NJCBM has displayed this "click"-ready reaction and real-time protein conjugation.

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