New Publication: Stepping into the omics era: Opportunities and challenges for biomaterials science and engineering

In early 2016, Drs. Kohn and Guvendiren of the NJCBM and collaborators at Rutgers and beyond published an article in Acta Biomater titled : “Stepping into the omics era: Opportunities and challenges for biomaterials science and engineering” 

This opinion article discusses materiomics as a potential future direction for biomaterials research. The idea behind materiomics is to move beyond studying materials individually for potential biomaterial applications. Instead, materiomics proposes looking at a wide range of material properties simultaneously and connecting this information with application-specific outcomes.  The promise of materiomics as a new research approach is that it may accelerate the process of identifying and optimizing new biomaterials for a many different medical applications.

Figure 3 from the article: "This graphical representation illustrates the proposed approach of combating the complexity of biomaterials with the complexity offered by transcriptomic data."

This article ties in to a session that Dr. Kohn will be leading in April 2017 as part of the Society For Biomaterials annual meeting. Dr. Kohn was selected to organize a Thought Leaders Session, where he will bring together several leaders in the area of materiomics to discuss the ways this approach may benefit biomaterials science efforts.  The “Thought Leader Session” is a new program format that is being introduced by the Society For Biomaterials at their upcoming meeting for the first time. 

You can find more information about the session on the SFB website here: 

And the article is available here: