New NJCBM Patent for Interpolymer Network Delivery System

Dr. Joachim Kohn and Carmine Iovine of NJCBM have been granted a new patent.    

The patent covers a new delivery system for iodine, a known antibiotic used in treating wounds. Iodine is a good antibiotic because it has no known report of resistance. There is a need however, for a delivery system where the iodine is stable, and the system is highly adsorbent and can be loaded with high levels of iodine, yet it releases iodine in a controlled and sustained manner over a period of several days. 

This patent covers a new application method in which iodine is incorporated into a starch-based wound dressing.  The iodine is complexed with starch in such a way that it can be released over the course of weeks, providing the antibiotic to a wound over the full course of the healing process. The release rate of iodine can be controlled by changing the type of starch in the dressing. This dressing has shown effectiveness in several studies already and will continue to be developed further.

 Patent number US 9,511,147 B2

The full patent is available here:,511,147.PN.&OS=PN/9,511,147&RS=PN/9,511,147