Kohn and REVA Medical recognized with Edison Patent Award

Dr. Joachim Kohn, NJCBM Director, was recognized with his co-inventors Durgadas Bolikal, Don K. Brandom, Lioubov Kabalnova, and Ernest G. Baluca with the Edison Patent Award in the Biomaterials category by the Research and Development Council of New Jersey.


Joachim Kohn (NJCBM), Durgadas Bolikal (REVA), and Jessica Earley (REVA) at the Edison Patent Awards

The patent that was recognized (US Patent 8,252,887) covers the materials behind the Fantom® stent, produced by REVA Medical, Inc. This revolutionary stent is the first radio-opaque and bioresorbable stent, meaning that not only can it be seen with x-rays, allowing for better placement, but it also degrades into non-toxic byproducts after a few months when the stent is no longer needed.

A video of Dr. Kohn discussing the research is available here:

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Photo credit: Research & Development Council of New Jersey