Courses and Workshops

Many of the technologies developed by RESBIO scientists are ready for other laboratories to learn about and adopt.  RESBIO researchers offer a short course, Cells on Biomaterials, each year during Fall.  This hands-on course covered three general topics:

  • Biomaterials and Bioactive Scaffold Fabrication Techniques
  • Cell Seeding/ Culturing and Biological Assays
  • High Resolution Imaging of Cell-Biomaterials Interactions

RESBIO works closely with the NIH-funded Postdoctoral Training Program on Translational Research in Regenerative Medicine which offers advanced research training experiences with mentors from multiple disciplines.  See the Education pages of this website for further details.

For further information about opportunities for collaboration, service and training within the RESBIO program, please contact 
Murat Guvendiren.