NJCBM Biomaterials Achievement Awardees


Carole Kantor, MS
For 22 Years Of Exemplary Service
Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey
Associate Director of NJCBM
Dr. Sam Shefer
Biomaterials Entrepreneur of the Year
CEO of Salvona Technologies, LLC


Michael Sefton, ScD
Tissue engineering pioneer – first to microencapsulate live cells
Inventor of biomaterials for angiogenesis
Advisor and red-team member for NJCBM
Salvatore Romano, PhD
Rutgers Chemistry  Department alumnus
Technical, scientific, and management leader in biomedical industry
Educator, Bridge-builder between academic and industry
Charitable supporter of NJCBM International Exchange Program


Eric Amis, PhD
Polymers Division Director at NIST
Combinatorial methods leader
Scientific collaborator
Robert Stockman, MBA
Co-founder, chairman, and CEO of REVA Medical Inc.
Industrial partner


James Anderson, MD, PhD
Internationally recognized scientist, for contributions to the understanding of the inflammatory cell biology of tissue interactions with biomaterials
Gary Cleary, PhD
Entrepreneur and internationally renowned scientist in the field of drug delivery systems and polymer technologies


Stanley S. Bergen, Jr., MD
Founder and president emeritus of UMDNJ
Visionary who seed-funded NJCBM in 1992

Stephen Livesey, PhD
Founder of LifeCell Corporation
Industrial member and partner with NJCBM in DoD funding initiatives
Director, Australian Stem Cell Institute. Currently, a biotech CE


Angelo Scopelianos, PhD
Director, J&J Corporate Biomaterials Center/ATRM
Charter Industrial Member, Research partner
Sponsor of biennial Symposia
Richard Caruso, PhD
Founder, Integra LifeSciences
Charter Industrial Member, Research Partner