Director's Message

Welcome to the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials, NJCBM.  We are an interdisciplinary research center - based at Rutgers - the State University of New Jersey - that spans academia, industry and government.  As biomaterials scientists, our goal is to improve health care and the quality of life by developing advanced biomedical products for tissue repair and replacement, and the delivery of pharmaceutical agents. Our technologies have been translated into clinical and pre-clinical products, including surgical meshes, cardiovascular stents, bone regeneration scaffolds and ocular drug delivery systems.

In today’s world, driving biomedical innovation to its ultimate role in health care demands collaborations: merging of disciplinary points of view, partnerships between public and private entities, and increasingly, interactions that bridge regional and national borders. On the pages of this website, you can learn about some of the collaborations that contribute to the NJCBM’s ongoing programs.

Our leading research program, RESBIO, integrates the work of chemists, materials scientists, biologists and biomedical engineers toward development of bioactive scaffolds for tissue engineering and drug delivery. Our postdoctoral education program is creating a geographically disbursed training community focused on translational research for regenerative medicine. NJCBM’s leadership of the Rutgers Cleveland Clinic Consortium of the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine, AFIRM, has built strong working relationships across a network of academic investigators and clinicians, military medical staff, and companies.

NJCBM also reaches beyond the USA to work with scholarly biomaterials societies across the world to promote advancement of the field and especially to develop new collaborations through international student exchange programs. Thus, we build for the global future where research partners may be located not only in different countries but on different continents.

Indeed, such a global outlook on the future of biomaterials science feeds into NCJBM’s interactions with industry, with the companies that will take the fresh new ideas spawned by our diverse collaborations and develop them into new biomedical products.  Our Industry network and Center for Dermal Research are the two key entry points for companies to work with us.  

On these pages, you will also find announcements and information about our public events where you can learn about the latest research results emerging from NJCBM and its network of partners.  I invite you to explore our website and to connect with us.

If you need any additional information, please leave me a message.
Joachim Kohn, PhD, FBSE