Mentoring Faculty

The 14 mentors for this new program are based at Rutgers University, Princeton University, Tufts University,                                                                                                         
Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Case Western Reserve University and University of Pennsylvania.

(L to R): Joachim Kohn, PhD,  Prabhas Moghe, PhD, Zhiping Pang, PhD, Jean Schwarzbauer, PhD,  Celeste Nelson

(L to R): Cathryn Sundback, PhD, Harald Ott, MD, Joseph Vacanti, MD,  Stanton Gerson, PhD, Horst Von Recum, PhD

(L to R): , Lauren Black, PhD, Pamela Yelick, PhD, Kacy Cullen, PhD, Douglas Smith, PhD



Joachim Kohn, PhD

Prabhas Moghe, PhD

Zhiping Pang, PhD

  • Biomaterials design, synthesis; cell-material interactions, drug delivery, development of medical devices, bone and nerve re- generation therapies.

    Cellular bioengineering, imaging, and cell-material interactions.

    Synaptic regulation in human neuronal cells, molecular pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Stanton Gerson, MD

Horst von Recum, PhD

Stem cells and DNA repair, stem cell treatments for hematologic malignancies.

Biomaterials for drug delivery, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Cathryn Sundback, ScD

Joseph Vacanti, MD

Harald Ott, MD

  • Biomaterials for tissue engineering of peripheral nerve, muscle and bone.

    Surgery, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, cell-seeded synthetic and natural scaffolds and growth factors.

    Solid organ decellularization, matrix characterization and biomimetic whole organ culture.

Jean Schwarzbauer, PhD

Celeste Nelson, PhD

  • Molecular and cell biology, extracellular matrix proteins and structure.

    Tissue engineering-based materials approaches for understanding tissue morphogenesis and disease progression.

Pamela Yelick, PhD
Lauren Black, PhD

  • Molecular/genetic basis for mineralized tissue development, homeostasis, disease and regeneration.

    Design and development of new methods for repairing diseased or damaged myocardium.

D. Kacy Cullen, PhD

Douglas Smith, MD

  • Neurotrauma, neural engineering, and regenerative medicine.

    Mechanisms and neuropathologies of traumatic brain injury, neuroregenerative medicine.