Ayan, Bugra

Pennsylvania State University

A New Aspiration-assisted Bioprinting Method for Tissue Fabrication

Busari, Hafiz

Lehigh University

3D Printing with Peptide-Polymer Conjugates to Create Spatially Organized Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

Fakhrzadeh, Amir

Rutgers University

Synthetic Polymer-Calcium Phosphate Derived Scaffolds for Alveolar Bone Regeneration: Clinical Perspective

Fung, Stephanie

Rutgers University

Recruitment of osteoclasts to re-establish bone turnover as a new strategy for bone regeneration: finding #1 - a CaP-free polymeric substrate can support “ruffled border” formation

Gray, David

Rutgers University

Epigenetically Directed Differentiation on Drug-Eluting Scaffold for Osteochondral Implant

Gu, Zhaowei

The Affiliated Hospital of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine, Changchun, China

Engineered Nano Bioactive Materials for Directed Multi-dimensional Cell Alignment and Differentiation

Gudapati, Hemanth

Pennsylvania State University

In-situ Droplet-based Bioprinting for Functional Skin Regeneration

Jacob, Vimal

Osiris Therapeutics

Ambient Temperature Viable Amnion Processed Via Novel Lyopreservation Method Retains Properties of Fresh Tissue

Jadali, Azadeh

3D Biotek

Expansion of Adipose-derived Stem Cells Using a Novel 3D Cell Expansion System for Stem Cell Therapy

Ji, Shen


Rapidly Constructing 3D Vascular Network with Photocurable and Sacrificial Hydrogels

Kharge, Angana

Integra Life Sciences

Porcine Model of Delayed Wound Healing: Effect of Surgical Debridement

Kosuri, Shahshank

Rutgers University

Highly Controlled Open RAFT Polymerizations by Enzyme Degassing

Krull, Ashley

Mayo Clinic

Tracking and Hacking Autologous Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells to Improve ALS Treatment

Lacko, Christopher S.

University of Florida

Magnetically Templated Hydrogels: Aligned Porous Microarchitecture Promotes Axonal Elongation After Rat Sciatic Nerve Injury In Vivo

Lakshmikanthan, Adhithi

Rutgers University

3D Printing Highly Porous Bone Scaffolds

Li, Xianfeng

Clemson University

Molecular Modeling to Predict Peptide Accessibility for Peptide-functionalized Hydrogels

Mao, Yong

Rutgers University

An Innovative Laboratory Procedure to Expand Chondrocytes with Reduced Dedifferentiation

Molde, Joseph

Rutgers University

Development of Tacrolimus-Loaded Polymeric Local Delivery System for Immunosuppression

Moncal, Kazim Kerim

Pennsylvania State University

In Situ Bioprinting of Bone Tissue Constructs

Murthy, Sanjeeva

Rutgers University

Issues in Fabrication and 3D Printing of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds from degradable polymers

Pastino, Alexandra

Rutgers University

A Pro-Angiogenic Peptide-Tethering Platform Using Biotinylated Tyrosine-Derived Polymeric Fiber Mats

Saxena, Shruti

Rutgers University

Mineralized Synthetic Polymer Scaffolds for Jaw Bone Tissue Regeneration

Schwarzenberg, Peter

Lehigh University

Determination of Mechanical Properties for 3D-Printed Microfibers

Singh-Varma, Anya

Rutgers University

The Effect of Human Cryopreserved Viable Amniotic Membrane on the Biofilm Formation By P.Aeruginosa

Steele, Joseph

Rutgers University

3D Printing Thermosensitive Polymers: The Development of Filament-Based Direct Writing Melt Electrospinning

Tae-il, Son

Chung-Ang University (South Korea)

Immobilization of BMP-2 on Metal Surface Using Chitosan Derivative with Dual Functions

Tatu, Rigwed

University of Cincinnati

Development of a Self-Expanding Patch for Fetoscopic Myelomeningocele Repair

Wu, Xiaohuan

Rutgers University

Scaling-Up and Quality Assurance of Tyrosine-Based Polymer/Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration in Sheep Tibial Model

Zhang, Weibo

Tufts University

Decellularized Tooth Bud Scaffolds for Tooth regeneration

Zhang, Weibo

Tufts University

CF-04 Bioengineered Alveolar Bone and Tooth Constructs