Industry Network

The New Jersey Center for Biomaterials (NJCBM), based at Rutgers University, is a leading academic research group that addresses the challenge of biomaterials discovery through a rational, interdisciplinary approach. NJCBM has a 15-year track record of successful regional and national industry interactions. 


NJCBM will become the focal point for translational research and technology commercialization in biomaterials-based medical devices, tissue engineering and drug-delivery systems.

The NETWORK for Biomaterials Science, Medical Devices and Tissue Engineering will bring together Academia, Industry and Government Stakeholders to foster innovation leading to Transformational Products and Therapies.

The NETWORK will leverage the ongoing successes of NJCBM’s two major consortium programs to advance translational research that will benefit Industry.  The NIH funds NJCBM’s long-standing program on Integrated Technologies for Polymeric Biomaterials.  The DOD funds the Rutgers-Cleveland Clinic Consortium of the Armed Forces Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

The NETWORK members will benefit from access to NJCBM’s expertise and infrastructure in Biomaterials, Cell Biology, Biomaterials-Cell Interactions, Drug Delivery Systems, Testing and Prototyping.