The Michniak Laboratory 

The group has interests in the optimization of topical, transdermal and buccal drug delivery as well as the design of novel oral dosage forms such as edible polymer films:

  • Design and evaluation of novel dermal penetration enhancers and retardants & their structure-activity relationships
  • Design and testing of novel formulations for topical and transdermal drug delivery
  • Physical approaches to enhancing dermal drug delivery
  • Visualization of drug transport pathways in skin using Raman, Fourier Transform Infra-Red spectroscopy, electron and confocal microscopy
  • Development of novel human tissue cultured skin equivalents for permeability testing
  • Computational approaches to predicting skin transport of drugs
  • Optimization of buccal drug delivery
  • Biorelevant drug release/dissolution testing of pharmaceutical dosage forms
  • Design & development of oral edible drug-containing polymer films