Information for Industrial Partners

The New Jersey Center for Biomaterials and its subsidiary, The Center for Dermal Research, are academic laboratories focused on both basic and translational research, with particular focus on advancing technologies to levels where industry will take on their commercialization.   We are active across the entire spectrum of product development: from basic scientific research in the areas of biomaterials science,  tissue engineering and drug delivery all the way to polymer scale-up, prototype development, preparation for GMP manufacturing, skin research, drug delivery and development of regulatory submissions to the FDA.

The Centers have a long history of working with industrial partners on research and testing of new materials and applications, both in proprietary and non-proprietary environments. While not commercial testing laboratories, the Centers do provide expert research and evaluation for specific materials and applications for biomaterials and biomedical devices.

Those companies with an interest in working with the Center for Biomaterials or those with an interest in additional product research should address their queries to Sangya S. Varma.