3D Printing Initiative

Over the past years, NJCBM has built a 3D printing facility (Lab3DP). The main goal of Lab3DP is to provide 3D printing technologies as a manufacturing process for regenerative tissue scaffolds and medical devices, to support ongoing research in the Center. We are focusing on the most commonly used and commercially available 3D printing technologies, including fused deposition modeling (FDM), solvent-cast printing (including bioplotting) and inkjet printing. 

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The main activities in Lab3DP are:

  • Design, synthesis, and development of novel ink formulations for biomedical applications
  • Fabricating scaffolds and devices for ongoing NJCBM projects



We are able to print a wide range of polymers, including common materials such as PLA, PCL and silicone, as well as custom polymers created in our lab:

Clockwise from Top Left: PLA, PCL, HTyPDA, Silicone


3D printed meniscus scaffold using degradeable Kohn lab polymer



The EnvisionTEC Bioplotter gives us the ability to print a wide variety of shapes and designs at high resolution