Special Features at This Year’s Symposium

The New 12th Symposium Table Topics

1. "Designing In-vivo Models to Expedite the Translation of Biomaterials"
2. "Designing Intelligent Biomaterials to Mimic Native Tissue Microenvironments"
3. "Networks for Biomedical Industry Innovation"
4. "Topically Active Biomaterials"

The 12th New Jersey Symposium on Biomaterials Science has added a new dimension to the upcoming event - Luncheon Table Topics.  Registered attendees will have the opportunity to sign up to join reserved tables where NJCBM's senior scientists will lead informal discussions on key issues in the field of biomaterials research and development.  On both Monday, October 6th and Tuesday, October 7th, you can share ideas and experience with NJCBM's scientific leaders by reserving your luncheon seats.  As space will be limited, attendees should select their Table Topics when registering online.

The New 12th Symposium Presenters

1. Hilton Kaplan, MBBCh FCSSA PhD.
2. Murat Guvendiren, PhD. 
3. David Devore, PhD.
4. Lauren Macri, PhD.

This Year’s NJCBM Awardees

Carole Kantor M.S. - For 22 years of Exemplary Service
Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey
Associate Director
Carole Kantor is a medical-science writer and research administrator with broad experience in creation, implementation and management of multi-investigator programs.  She has expertise in team building across institutions to develop new funded inter-disciplinary collaborations.  Over the past 15 years, these efforts have contributed to the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials’ extensive research network, which spans more than 30 institutions and companies.

Dr. Sam Shefer - Biomaterials Entrepreneur of the Year
CEO of Salvona Technologies, LLC

Dr. Sam Shefer is the founder and CEO of Salvona Technologies LLC since1999. The company’s focus has been on developing and commercializing innovative smart encapsulation technologies used to control the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients for topical applications.  Sam earned over 80 patents and won the Nano 50 Award from “NASA Tech Brief” for the top 50 technologies that have significant impact on the business.

Sam Shefer earned a PhD in Bio and Chemical Engineering and a post-doc with Dr. Robert Langer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he developed implantable bio-reactor.

Sam gained industrial experience with W R Grace, in biomedical engineering and worked for IFF on consumer products.  Over the recent 14 years, in Salvona, he developed unique systems such as the wireless endoscopy, soluble patches and multiple solutions for topical diseases such as acne and atopic dermatitis, which are based on nano and micro spheres technologies. These technologies gained commercial success and available worldwide.

2012 Biomaterials Achievement Award

Michael Sefton, ScD
Tissue engineering pioneer - first to microencapsulate live cells
Inventor of biomaterials for angiogenesis
Advisor and red-team member for NJCBM



Salvatore Romano, PhD
Rutgers Chemistry  Department alumnus
Technical, scientific, and management leader in biomedical industry
Educator, Bridge-builder between academic and industry
Charitable supporter of NJCBM International Exchange Program