Working with NJCBM

The New Jersey Center for Biomaterials has a track record of over 15 years of successful interactions with industry, ranging from startup companies to global corporations.  This diverse experience, together with an excellent infrastructure, can support multiple forms of interaction with companies.  Starting with the least involved, they are:

1.   Confidential Disclosure Agreements and consulting by specific faculty  members can be rapidly arranged.

2.   For technologies invented and developed at the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials, raw materials for sampling or prefabricated prototypes can be provided under a Materials Transfer Agreement for testing by an industrial partner.

3.   Companies may come to the center with specific research goals.  Under a Research Agreement, the Center will execute the goals based on a plan negotiated with the company, which will have first rights of refusal for an exclusive worldwide license with right to sublicense the technology developed under the agreement. If appropriate, an option or license agreement can be negotiated concurrently with the research agreement so that the terms of technology transfer are defined before the research starts.

4.   Companies can execute option or license agreements for specific technologies that have not yet been licensed.  This interaction does not require a concomitant research effort.

5.   A company may seek a joint development effort with the Center.  Under a Collaborative Research Agreement, the Center will provide technical assistance as needed within the framework of the effort, in close collaboration with the industrial sponsor.  These agreements are complicated to execute due to concerns about the joint ownership of collaboratively generated inventions.  These agreements are therefore best limited to companies who have already licensed technology from Rutgers University.
New Stent Created with Rutgers Technology in Clinical Trials - First Implantation in Patients Successful; Novel Material Permits Surgeons to Visualize Procedure Using X-ray