Michniak-Kohn Laboratory for Drug Delivery

The Michniak-Kohn Laboratory for Drug Delivery (LDD) focuses on developing complex formulations and new methodologies for the improvement of drug/actives transport for topical, transdermal and buccal applications, as well as the assessment of compound release rates from formulations (formulations can be pharmaceutical, personal care or cosmetic).

The LDD is equipped with:

•  Two Agilent 1100 HPLCs with diode array and ChemStation software, autosamplers, UV/vis and fluorescent detectors
•  Ten water jacketed Franz diffusion cell module
•  Four heat block Logan Instruments FDC-24 Franz cell modules for skin penetration studies
•  Leica® Cryotome instrument (Leica® CM1850, Nussloch, Germany)
•  Mettler Toledo pH meter with InLab® micro and surface pH electrodes for skin surface pH studies
•  Light and stereomicroscopes
•  Vankel VK 7010 Dissolution Test Station with VK 8000 Sampling Station
•  Buchler vortex evaporator
•  Mettler electronic balances
•  8 feet chemical fume hood
•  Revco chest freezers & Forma Scientific upright freezer, dishwashers and refrigerators.
•  Shared Biology Suite (Room 207, 720 sq.ft.) with four Biosafety II hoods is located adjacent to the LDD
•  Double CO2 incubator, centrifuge apparatus
•  Deionized water, vacuum, and compressed air facility

The CDR has access to:

•  Confocal laser scanning (Zeiss LSM410) and confocal multiphoton microscopy (Leica TCS S2 AOBS), TEM, SEM, skin and other tissue imaging (Raman confocal, etc.)
•  NMRs, AFM-atomic force microscopy, LC-MS-liquid chromatography mass spectrometr and FTIR analytical techniques
•  UV-Vis Spectroscopy,
•  GPC-gel permeation chromatography,
•  DSC-differential scanning calorimetry,
•  Mechanical tester with environmental chamber, quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring,
•  TGA-thermogravimetric analyzer, DMA-dynamic mechanical analyzer,
•  Polymer synthesis and characterization facility
•  In-vivo studies facility
•  Rheological and histological facilities
•  Conference and event facilities  in the Life Sciences building

Animal Research Facilities

Animals used in the studies will be cared for by the Rutgers University Laboratory Animal Services for per diem fees. The Laboratory Animal Services at Rutgers University maintains centralized animal quarters accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC).

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